[The secret of dog's words] walk into the inner world of dogs by owners

Many people say that a cute dog is like a child with rich heart but not speaking. Indeed, the dog’s innocent eyes and curious expression are not as simple and cute as a child? However, if you treat a dog as a child, you would be wrong. You know, its essence is still an animal no matter how cute a dog is. It is impossible to understand all the intentions of the owner.

Therefore, if you want to understand a dog and raise it well, you have to start with the dog’s rich physical behavior.  we can observe and summarize more carefully in peacetime. of course,learning the “dog’s words”is important as well.  Let it trust you to fulfill your instructions better.The following are some common action languages for dogs. Can you comprehend it correctly?

The first “dog’s words”——Welcome back

When you go home or wake up in the morning, the dog will stretch out and greet you. Note that it is not waking up from sleep but greeting you.Dogs usually greet and show enthusiasm to acquaintances, not strangers.

The second “dog’s words”——I am shy

Many dogs are shy in front of strangers. There are some obvious phenomenons  and acts express their shy .For example,they are giving shy signals when ears are flatting against their heads and heads are retracted to the ground in order to make themselves smaller or hide. It seems to have a feeling of uncomfortable.

If you want to say hello to a shy or nervous dog, the correct way is to squat sideways on the ground and keep your back straight so that it can come to sniff you. You can stretch out your hand and then open gently . Keep your arms still so that the dog can smell you from further away. Considering the issue that touching the dog’s head is dangerous , everyone has better touch the dog’s head cautiously.

The third “dog’s words”——I want to play with you

When the dog wants to play with you, it will show an invitation to the owner, hoping that you can play with him. This is a good way for the owner and the dog to get along better. This is also a good way to encourage dogs to express their active behavior. At this time, the dog’s tail swing will make its body language relaxed. The owner cannot ignore the pet’s behavior, which may adversely affect the dog’s mental health. Therefore, remember to play with the dog in this situation.

The forth “dog’s words”——Leave me alone

When a dog’s body is stiff with its tail raising in the air like a flag and its head and neck are leaning back high, it will become alert and suspicious. At this time, it is expressing, “I’m serious. Don’t go against me”. The next second of this action is likely to be a fight soon. If the dog really fights, pull the rope in time. Use loud clapping and shouting to divert the dog’s attention, or spray an unpleasant smell on the dog’s body to make the two dogs separate temporarily and calm each other.

The fifth “dog’s words”——let’s be friends

Friendly greetings to dogs include relaxing and waving their limbs, and the dogs circle each other in a circle. Their bodies bend and their tails are wagging. Pay attention to signs of shyness or stiffness when greeting the dog. It is important to maintain a safe distance between two dogs, especially when meeting for the first time. The purpose is to ensure that they have enough space to prevent them from fighting.

The sixth “dog’s words”——I am nervous

When a dog is stressed or nervous, it will seek comfort. Decreased appetite, frequent mouth and nose licking and excessive hair loss are all signs of stress or stress. Diarrhea, pinched tails, curled up in airplane ears and groans are also conditions that the owner needs to be alert to.

If your dog is often anxious, nervous or difficult to be alone, you can try:

1. Recommended by Tianxiahui Animal Behavior Consultant: Cave dog bed

Prepare a cave-like dog bed for the dog. The cave is open on one side and surrounded on three sides, just like the original cave. It can give the dog a certain sense of security. With proper training, let the dog know that the bed is his nest and the safest place for him. Once he feels nervous and anxious, the first choice is to go back to bed!

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2. Recommended by Tianxiahui Animal Behavior Consultant: Self-interactive dog bone

Prepare various interactive toys for dogs. When leaving, do something for it, such as a self-interacting dog bone, to fully attract its attention and keep the dog busy and interesting during exercise. After activating the interactive mode, this bone toy will react with your dog. It will chase your dog and will run away quickly when your dog is chasing it. very interesting!


3. Recommended by Tianxiahui Animal Behavior Consultant: Flying Disc PetInteractive Toy

Make sure your dog has enough exercise. Faced with an energetic dog, the owner needs to let the dog release excess energy, otherwise it may produce destructive behavior. If the owner is not busy, it is best to take the dog out before going out in the morning. Please bring training supplies, such as frisbees, when walking. It ensures that the dog enhances the interaction with the owner while playing.

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Give the dog a proper massage. When the dog is tense, the muscles of the body, especially the back muscles, will become tight. Therefore, the owner can gently massage the dog’s front legs, back and upper part of the neck. Gently rubbing, pressing, etc. can reduce the dog’s tension.

The sense of security given by the owner. It is said that dogs can perceive the emotions of their owners. When dogs feel nervous and anxious, we must be good helpers to make them feel safe and relaxed, and avoid worsening emotional problems. The owner cannot feel nervous, panicked or worried too much. As a matter of fact,the timid dogs needs more protections in the external environment .It can avoid them to be frightened.

Understanding the language of dogs requires long-term exploration and summary. Don’t judge the dog’s emotions from just one or one movement, but combine the movements, expressions, eyes and sounds of different parts of the dog to draw conclusions. In this way, you will establish a unique and effective way of communicating with the dog in order to understand and trust each other, which is conducive to the basic work of training the dog.

Post time: Aug-20-2020