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There are many kinds of animals in the world, some of which are adopted by human beings and accompany us to live as a member of the family. With the increase in the number of pets, the consumption of pets is also on the rise. How to choose a cost-effective and appropriate product for pets at home? World collect veterinary surgeon of pet supplies manufacturer (be the same as me of spade excrement officer) answer to you.

Keeping a pet can be a very patient business, just to mention the most common pet cat, dog feeding is a big learning. All kinds of pet utensils, such as leash, food basin, kennel, toys, bath and other supplies of the choose and buy, I believe that many friends are very headache. Before buying pet supplies, consider the following points:

1.The pet’s own preferences

First of all, some owners worry that the taste of dog food is the same, and then choose some dog food dogs do not like, will not eat too much, affecting the health of the dog. In fact, every dog’s favorite taste may be different. We can occasionally buy other flavors to try, and watch the dog’s reaction to determine which flavor he likes.

2.Peace of mind is harmless

Safety is the primary criterion for choosing pet products, such as some food basins, birdbath, if the use of chemical residues exceed the standard, or have a negative impact on the pet’s health materials to do, of course, this is not allowed. In addition, whether the product is firm and durable, whether there will be parts falling off, etc., are also the criteria to judge whether the product is safe. If some pet clothing is prone to loose parts, it can easily be swallowed by a curious swollen cat, causing obstruction of gastrointestinal tract foreign bodies and even asphyxiation or aspiration pneumonia.

Pet supplies utensils: A dog and a cat are quite particular about utensils. They use bowls that are wide and narrow at the bottom and shallow at the bottom to make them smoother. To choose different forms of food, we have a variety of special plastic, stainless steel, ceramics and other different materials.

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To keep a cat and a dog dog users, at the time of feeding pets more careful, such as some drugs can give dogs used, but is toxic for cats, such as deltamethrin is widely used for dog tick, fleas, mosquito killing and prevention, but for the cat to be toxic, such as: “dogs and cats general” displacement fleas collars could are toxic to the cat;

Fleas collar for puppies /Pet cat drive fleas collar /Flea collar for large dogs


When you don’t know which brand you should trust and which brand you like to buy, please contact the professional veterinarian of Tianxia Hui pet products manufacturer for your matching. The breeding tips for all kinds of dogs and the selection standards and strategies of dog food have been completed. For your reference and learning, let you in the way of keeping pets to avoid stepping on thunder.

3.Size of body

Different breeds of pets have different needs for products. For example, different sizes of dogs require different nutrients in infancy and adulthood. If you don’t make the right choice, it is likely that your dog will not get enough nutrients during its development, affecting its size and health as an adult.

When you have medium-sized dogs such as huskies, fardars and Samoyees in your home, you should pay special attention to the choice of dog food in their early childhood, pay attention to the nutrition balance and easy to chew, good nutrition intake is conducive to the growth of body shape and the health of hair.

Dogs also like a wide variety of toys, sometimes you need to have four or five toys at a time, and rotate different toys each week. This will keep your pet interested. If your pet loves a particular toy, it’s probably best not to replace it.

Dogs are easy to lack vitamins or some trace elements, the main performance of no reason to gnaw items, or even tear cotton tires into pieces. To satisfy his appetite, in addition to giving him the food he needs to chew, he can prepare some toys for the dog. Wooden sticks and non-toxic plastic can be processed into bone shapes or other shapes.

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Cats are claws by nature, and scratching boards sprinkled with catgrass will prevent them from damaging the furniture. In addition, chase activities of the thing is a cat dog common hobby, a variety of can roll the ball, on the string will run, press the spring will shake the small toys will let them extremely excited.

Tianxia Hui pet toys are made of different materials, with different durability. So, before you buy a toy for your pet, you need to understand your pet’s biting habits to choose the appropriate durable toy for him.


Polyethylene and latex pet toys

1 Polyethylene is as soft as latex toys and is made into a variety  of colors. Some even squeak to make the toy more interesting. These toys are generally suitable for dogs that are not in the habit of aggressive biting. Among them, pets in estrus vent toys, very resistant to biting, especially suitable for pets in estrus temper explosion, has a very good soothing effect, let your pet enjoy the fun of life.

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Rubber and Nylon dog toys

Rubber and nylon toys are more durable and suitable for dogs with a moderate biting habit. These toys often have holes in them to make them more fun for dogs who like to bite.  

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Dog rope bites toy

Rope toys are usually made of nylon or cotton and are suitable for dogs with moderate biting habits. This is especially useful for dogs who like to play drag and drop games, and the non-soft, non-hard texture is also good for their teeth.

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Soft toy for dogs 

Plush toys are soft and light, suitable for those who like to drag toys around, not for those who like to bite.

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