My wonderful encounter during the new coronavirus—— My new life and new friend

Looking back over the past nine months, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pneumonia pandemic in the United States, I believe you also realize how much life has changed. On a global scale, we have all witnessed many life changes in the epidemic experience. Personally, I have experienced some considerable changes.

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In the first half of this year, I recently changed to a new job, and my life experienced great troubles, so I moved out of my old house and started a new life. Most importantly, when the global pandemic started, I couldn’t leave home. I feel lonely than ever before, and I can say with certainty that I have never been happy.

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In early summer, after getting used to living alone for several months, I began to consider raising dogs. I always knew that I would eventually have a dog, but I don’t think there will be one for at least a year or two. The epidemic really changed all this. Although there is a strict pet ban in my apartment, I still start to look around for my dream dog. I want a male dog, but I want him to be as small as possible-I mean no more than 10 pounds. Especially considering that the pandemic has severely restricted my ability to contact and socialize with people, I know I need a companion to share my life easily and stay with me. I can’t wait to have a puppy as my new friend! I started searching online to check the local dog rescue news, looking for my ideal dog.

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One day, I was excited to find that there were adoptable puppies nearby on the Internet, and noticed that one of my favorite local vegetarian places posted a dog photo on the nearby street. He lay alone in the middle of the road without a collar. The restaurant owner posted a question asking if anyone could help him, and a kind person offered to put him safely in the yard for the time being until he found his owner. To make a long story short, before we reunite with the dog owner, I really want the dog to stay in my apartment for a few nights without being confirmed for adoption. He is a gorgeous blue-eyed boy with the gentlest and sweetest temperament, but obviously he weighs 65kg, which is just the opposite of what I want. I know I won’t adopt him, so what’s the harm of enjoying his company in a few days? After nearly two weeks of unremitting search and efforts, “Johnson” officially became my hairy child.

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Adopting or saving pets may have been a new life-changing experience. Adopting dogs during a pandemic is another situation. Although it is difficult to make such a decision now, and I am sure that many people have adopted a pet that was helpless during the COVID period, they have not really considered the responsibility of keeping pets. But I know that Johnson is my dog. I live within walking distance of outdoor dog park, indoor dog park/bar, pet shop and pet hospital. He came into my life so seamlessly that I realized how amazing the whole thing was. I was lucky to have him, but saving a dog from the street was a challenge. When you really don’t know anything about dogs, their character, age, pedigree or past lives, it may be difficult for you to know how to best take care of them and how to adapt them to your daily work. I’m lucky. Johnson has adapted. In the eyes of others, this may be an “impulsive” decision, and it may not be accidental for me and those who really know me in life. Slicker Long Hair Pet Dog Grooming Brush Cat Comb

During my stay in COVID, Johnson taught me a lot about myself and challenged me in a way that I think will eventually help me grow up. It is difficult for me to adapt to one’s life. In the first few months, I really wanted to get rid of isolation. Johnson appeared in my life, which changed everything about me. I found myself so independent and capable of being consistent and responsible in caring for other creatures. I have never had my own pets before, only family pets, so this is my first time, which is very beneficial to my personal growth. Now I am closely related to Johnson every day. Just like we always walk together, it makes me happy to have the loveliest companion life. I like living alone now. It is hard to imagine that this situation will change soon. Not only that, I think my dating standards have actually changed! My next partner will have to accept Johnson completely and understand that he is the most important thing in my life.


Post time: Dec-20-2020