Dr. Steve Dale——Dog owner’s incorrect treat means hurt dogs slowly

Behind the global popularity of pets, it actually reveals that interpersonal relationships are becoming increasingly alienated. It is not only empty-nest elderly who are lonely. Because the support of social decompression activities is not enough to relieve stress, pets are an important reason for the trend of youthfulness. One, thus forming a special social relationship-pets become a family member.

American Pet Hospital Banfield revealed that according to a survey, the more stressed we are, the more we like to spend time with pets. Because they can cure us. However, in Steve Dale’s Pet World radio program, (Animal Sanctuary and Family Colony) CEO and founder Ellie Phillips said, “When we are stressed, our pets are paying attention, and they are under pressure.

The lack of control is also a very important reason of stress, and as a pet owner, there is no doubt that he has supreme control over the pet itself. Even if we lack control in life or work, we can indirectly or temporarily relieve stress by enhancing the control of pets.

However, while pets help us alleviate stress, we often overlook that part of the owner’s behavior is also the cause of dog stress.

What behaviors of the owner cause the pet to feel stressed?

Behavior 1: Approach the dog casually

The main point here is that when you pick up the dog and go home, the dog will be unfamiliar and uncomfortable with the new environment or the new owner, and it will have a huge burden in its heart. Some owners may want to get familiar with the dog as much as possible, so they approach the dog before the dog is used to the new environment (not malicious and want to pet), but this is not advisable.

Tianxiahui pet behavior expert advice: If the dog prefers to stay alone in the corner, as the owner, you should give appropriate comfort, because comfort is a natural pressure relief artifact for the dog. Studies have shown that the level of cortisol in the hair of dog owners is very close to that of their dogs. The stress levels of the both are synchronized or interrelated. Therefore, we believe that dogs and their owners influence each other. So stress relief also has a common effect.When there are good environmental conditions, a soft cushion can be used to help the dog relax. When it is unable to use the cushion, it can be allowed to enter a relatively quiet environment.  Master can call dog gently and pay attention to its reaction at all times before making soothing behaviors such as stroking.

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behavior 2: lack of experience

New owners will have a lot of things they don’t understand, especially lack of a set of rules for interacting with dogs. For example, sometimes dogs have the same behavior but under different circumstances, the dog’s rewards will sometimes become the owner’s punishment. This will cause the dog to really be unable to understand whether its behavior is right or wrong? It will bring certain pressure to the dog and the dog may even get out of control.

Tianxiahui pet behavior expert advice: Learn more about dogs. Let the dog become friends in close contact with you and then step by step to conquer the dog’s heart. At the same time, seek help from other dog owners who have experiences to understand the common personalities of different breeds of dogs.

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Prepare some molar interactive toys for the dog to take advantage of the dog’s natural habit of playing and chewing. And because this toy is in the shape of a bone and has bright colors which can attract the attention of dogs. We need to clean this toy regularly. Long-term use helps to keep teeth clean and free of plaque and tartar. At the same time, it will reduce the risk of the dog breaking the house.

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Behavior 3: Wrong way of punishment

When the dog is training or doing something wrong, the owner will generally use punishment to let the dog know that it is not allowed. But taking punishment requires a lot of attention. Biting, digging, barking, and chasing are natural behaviors of dogs, so you don’t need to be nervous.

Tianxiahui pet behavior expert advice: The “transfer method” can be adopted. When dogs want to bite furniture or something, we can resort to frantically jumping round balls instead of punishing them.

This is a toy ball that is automatically and intelligently teasing pets so that the dog can be excited even when unaccompanied. The ball keeps bouncing just like someone is playing hide-and-seek with it. It not only consumes a lot of energy for dogs and prevents them from gaining weight and keeps them obediently at home but also makes the dogs happy. It also makes the pet happy. Its resistance is basically zero.


Behavior 4: Violent treatment

Although the dog can’t communicate with us, the dog can judge by our tone. You can beat and scold a little when the dog does something wrong. The dog can know that it’s wrong to feel the owner’s tone. But don’t treat it with violence. This will only make the dog’s psychology full of fear and make the distance between you and dog farther and farther.

Tianxiahui pet behavior expert advice: Dogs are our good friends and we want to live in harmony. I believe that most dogs love their owners deeply. Even if the owner does some inappropriate behaviors, the dogs will quickly forget and forgive them. In addition to paying attention to the dog’s mental health, physical health cannot be ignored. In normal times, we should pay more attention to the dog’s dietary health and give the dog adequate exercise so that the dog can accompany us healthy and happy.

Post time: Aug-20-2020