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With the rapid increase of pet owners, problems such as abandoned pets, stray cats and dogs, pets hurting people constantly appear. It is urgent for urban pet management organizations to use GPS to help solve various pet control problems caused by poor information. In addition, cats and dogs have a long-history of wild living habit and wandering nature. For the safety of pedestrians and pets, it’s best for owners to wear GPS pet collars.

What problems in life can the pet locator solve?

● It is easier to find the lost pet: once the pet is lost, the pet owner can check the pet’s location and activity track through the mobile APP. You can also set up a security electronic fence in advance. If your pet enters or leaves the fence area, the owner will receive an alert. Passers-by who pick up a pet can obtain the pet owner’s contact information by scanning the QR code on the device and contact the pet owner in time.

● Make pet management easier: by wearing a locator for pets, relevant departments can establish a pet information management system supervising the numbers of pets, active areas, and quarantine status.

● The source of liability disputes is traceable: the pet locator is the only identification ID of the pet. Once the pet hurts or is abandoned, the pet locator can quickly obtain pet information and provide a basis for law enforcement.

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You can check your pet’s activity through the mobile APP, and develop an appropriate exercise plan for your pet to help it grow healthily.

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Main functions of Ihome cat and dog anti-lost collar:

● Dual station positioning LBS+GPS: when GPS cannot be covered, data will be uploaded to the server through LBS positioning and GPRS.

● The dog training device has a vibration function. As pets are very sensitive to vibration, owners can use this function to train pets, improving pets’ barking, running, and other bad behaviors to cultivate good habits.

● The electronic fence sets the safe range of pet activities. If pet goes out of the safe range, the mobile phone APP will receive an alarm.

● Track playback function can help owners to check their historical footprint so that can clearly grasp the pet’s whereabouts.

● When the device is low on power or off-line, the mobile phone APP will receive an alarm to keep track of the device’s operating status.

● Mobile phone can remotely control the LED so that when the night falls you can still locate your pets.

Post time: Jul-21-2020