About Us

Company Profile

Ihome aims to present a brand image of feelings and attitude to pets with high-quality craftsmanship, environmentally friendly materials, and technological innovation. We are not only designers, but also senior dog lovers. While satisfying pets for more fun, it also meets the aesthetic requirements of dog lovers, especially to meet the modern young’s easy, convenient, scientific and technological pet care model.


Team Work

The company's internal work is clear, and has an excellent design department to realize the update and iteration of pet products; the technical department with the ability to pass the border, build a massive data framework, walk in the front of demand changes, understand customer needs; professional purchasing department and marketing department to provide you with Professional purchasing advice and purchasing services. There is also a customer service staff with good quality and ability to serve you attentively. After professional technical training, we are your trusted partner.

Team Quality

The company has a set of strict inspection standards, from raw materials to finished products, paying attention to every process for the birth of pet products. Every detail is cautious, strictly in accordance with international standards for detection and analysis.

Our R&D team generally has a master's degree in animal science, being devoted to the development and design of pet-friendly products that are beneficial to pets' physical and mental health over the past five years.

Wang Haifeng, the founder of the company, has been committed to advocating community residents and caring companies to participate in the establishment of stray dog collection centers: community residents provide accommodation for stray dogs, the factory provides free food and toys so that the factory and the community work together to build a lovely home for stray dogs!


Technological Innovation

Optimizing pet cultivation model with

scientific and technological innovation.

Caring For Pets' Physical And Mental Health

Reject rude single-mode feeding and pay attention to the physical and mental health of pets. Humanized design science cares for pets and creates a warm and beautiful home for pets.

Equal friendship

The concept of taking pets as family,

caring and protecting them, upholding

the spirit of equality and friendship.

Global Cooperation

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Global cooperation model

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Good cooperation evaluation

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“win-win” theory